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Roots Members (Past and present)

Tariq Trotter
"Black Thought"
Lead MC

Ahmir Khalib Thompson
Questlove aka ?uestlove

James Gray

Kirk Douglas
Captain Kirk
Guitarist and Vocals

James Poyser

Owen Biddle

Damon Bryson
"Tuba Gooding Jr."

Frank Walker
"F. Knuckles"

Past Band Members

Josh "The Rubberband" Abrams (bass) - Left to form Josh Abrams Quartet after the Square Roots

Leonard Nelson "Hub" Hubbard (bass) - One of the originals that left in 2007 after Game Theory. Replaced by Owen Biddle.

Scott Storch (keyboards) - Performed on Do You Want More?!!!??!, but left shortly after. Replaced by Kamal Gray.

Ben Kenney (guitarist) - Joined in 199 after The Roots Come Alive and left after Phrenology. Was replaced by Captain Kirk Douglas

MC Scratch - Joined on Illadelph Halflife and left after Phrenology

MC Malik Abudl Basit-Smart (Malik B) - On board from the start and stayed through 1999's The Roots Come Alive.

MC Martin Luther

MC Kenyatta "Kid Crumbs" Warren - (Only performed on Organix)

MC Dice Raw - Joined the band during Illadelph Halflife,  but left after the release of The Roots Come Alive. Still guest appears on albums currently.

MC Rahzel - Joined during Do You Want More?!!!??!, but left after the release of The Roots Come Alive.